Vectra 3D Breast Imaging in Chicago and Northbrook, IL

Dr. Michael A. Epstein is one of the few plastic surgeons on Chicago’s North Shore to offer VECTRA 3D imaging.

Your VECTRA 3D simulation experience begins with a photo session at the time of your personal consultation with Dr. Epstein. His patient care coordinator will take a variety of pictures using a special 3D camera to create the starting point of your breast augmentation aesthetic consultation.

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Using special simulation software, your 3D pictures can be manipulated to show you the possible results of your breast augmentation.  This is an excellent tool that will give you the closest visual as to how you will look with implants before you ever have the surgery done.  Many people have some anxiety related to not really knowing what they will look like after surgery and Vectra 3D imaging can help make a prospective patient feel more comfortable with their decision to have breast augmentation.

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Once you and Dr. Epstein have decided together on the best size and shape for your body, the VECTRA simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan.  While Vectra 3D imaging does not provide you with a guaranteed end result, you can be that much more confident in the outcome of the procedure.