Do Implants Affect Mammograms?

After a breast implant, patients can have mammograms performed, however, additional imaging may be required, so that all breast tissue may be examined.

Are the Incisions Concealed?

During a procedure, incisions may be made in different areas. The location of your scars will depend on what implants you choose. Incisions are made under the breast, below the nipple, through the armpit, or through the belly button.

What are the Risks of Different Procedures?

As with most surgeries, there is always a risk of infection. In rare cases, a silicone implant can break and cause pain or swelling. Surgical replacement may be a corrective option.

Will Implants Affect Breast Feeding?

Breast feeding may still be an option after implants, but this varies from woman to woman. Dr. Epstein can work with women to best avoid risk.

What do Implants Feel Like?

Each implant has a unique texture. Some are softer and feel more like already existing breast tissue. During a consultation, Dr. Epstein may explain the different textures of each implant.

How much do Breast Implants Cost?

Costs for implants depend on many different factors. At your consultation, Dr. Epstein may provide an estimated cost for the different implants. Generally, Silicone implants cost more than other implant types.